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Monday, August 25, 2003

It suddenly came home to me that there are only just over 2 weeks to go before I set off. Having planned it about 20 months ago I had got used to thinking about the trip in the distant future and the sudden realisation of how close I was did make me slightly nervous. Not really about the travelling itself, but more about the final preparations before leaving.


Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Just back from Andy's stag do. Tried a new cocktail named after the Refresher sweets because it tastes exactly like them. Equal parts Lime Bacardi Breezer, Blue WKD and Red Bull; trust me on this that it tastes great and keeps you awake.

We went carting today with a couple of 20 minute races. Dave Oldcorn and I spent much of both races sparring with me having to drive very defensively to keep him behind. Did enough to claim a 2nd place in the first race and win the second making me the winner of the day. Dave was 2nd on the day and Matt Halsall would have won if he hadn't spun on the penultimate lap. Never mind mate, you had the fastest laps in both races and qualifying. Good to see you all, thanks to Matt for organising things and see you all at the wedding in 3 weeks.

Andy's stag do finale pic
L2R John, Dave, Andy, me, Seth, Matt, Kev



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