Below are links to a few of my favourite sites on the web:

  • Make Trade Fair : 54 countries saw average income decline in the 1990s, with 21 countries actually going backwards in terms of human development. Part of this is due to the west not playing fair in globalisation; forcing open trade agreements on poor countries whilst we still subsidise our own agriculture to the tune of $1 billion per day. Globalisation will happen and should be a force for good, but only once the rich nations create a level playing field and stop protecting their own interests at the expense of others. The book “Globalization and its discontents” by Joseph Stiglitz (winner of the Nobel Prize for economics 2001) is worth a read on this issue. Finally, buy Fair Trade products; they are available in most of our supermarkets.
  • Transform : a campaign for sensible drug laws in the UK. Most of the damage associated with drugs comes not from the drugs themselves, but is created by the prohibition style drug laws we have. The people that most fear a liberalisation of the current drug laws are organised criminals; which shows you how far we have gone wrong.
  • Association of British Drivers : British drivers are being increasingly criminalised in the ongoing campaign to treat us as mobile wallets. There are continual calls for us to pay for the environmental stress we cause : WE DO to the tune of £117 million every single day. And what do we get for that vast sum of money? More crowded roads, little improvement in public transport and “Traffic Calming” schemes. Enough is enough, we need to fight back.
  • Chortle : Best online guide to the comedy circuit
  • Glastonbury Festival : Keep an eye out here for details of THE event of the year, most years.
  • Birmingham Academy : Birmingham’s best live music venue if only they would book some worthwhile bands this year.
  • Sore Jaw Comedy Club : Solihull’s great new comedy night on the 1st Sunday of every month. Support it so we have something different from Solihull’s dire selection of naff pubs all playing the same cheesy chart music too loud over crap PA systems.
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