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Anyone for Thailand???

When I was planning this trip it was clear that there would be one or two places on the trip when it would be possible for someone from home to join me for a couple of weeks. One of those is coming up. In late March I intend to head to the islands off the east coat of Thailand, catching the Full Moon Party on April the 4th. If anyone fancies a holiday with a difference (couple of days in Bangkok, week or so in the islands and then another couple of days in Bangkok) let me know.

In the meantime Bangkok is a blast. I’ve got a train ticket to head up to Chang Mai overnight on the sleeper train tomorrow night and will be sorry to leave. I’ve not really done many of the sites in Bangkok yet as I feel I’ll make a better job of it once I’ve got used to Asia in places a lot less manic. Nice to know I’m coming back in a month or two. I’ll pop up some photos of the nightlife soon.

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