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Ken MacLauchlan Ken MacLauchlan wrote on 2020-07-27 at 6:17 pm
A test post for this new guestbook
Sadie Sadie from Abu Dhabi UAE wrote on 2010-05-18 at 8:53 am
Dear Ken, Am just curious about your RTW project - are you still working on it or what?
Admin Reply:
My round the world trip ended in 2004.... just need to plan my next one....
Dan Dan from North Carolina, USA wrote on 2009-04-13 at 5:08 pm
Happened to stumble on this site. We all envy you and wish we could do the same journey. Awesome job recording it. I assume now you've completed and I hope all is well.
Admin Reply:
Dan. My trip ended in Sept 2004 and I have to admit to being very tardy in properly documenting the last month or so of the trip. I had an incredible time and will look for the opportunity to do something similar with my partner in future. Thanks very much for the comments on journal; nice to know its still read and appreciated. Cheers, Ken.
Joy Adamson Joy Adamson from York, UK wrote on 2007-10-05 at 11:05 am
Ken, is that you Manchester 90-93, general love god of Owen's Park/home of pirate radio - hope you remember me? Joy
Admin Reply:
You've found the right guy and I remember you, though I'm not sure the love god reference is correct. I'll try to email you again, as I didn't get a response on my first attempt.
Ian Burlinson Ian Burlinson from Chester, UK wrote on 2007-07-28 at 12:22 pm
Hey Ken, came across an e-mail with a link to your journal - must say that the photo's from the Darwin - Perth trip bring back some happy memories. Has your head fully recovered from its fight with that tree yet? Would be great to here what your getting upto these days.
Admin Reply:
Head is OK but I have quite a scar. I did try to email you but not sure it got through. I'll try again.
AACS AACS from UK wrote on 2007-05-05 at 6:55 am
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Ken MacLauchlan Ken MacLauchlan from The UK wrote on 2007-02-23 at 8:24 pm
The guestbook now has smileys :biggrin:
Jim Robinson Jim Robinson from Canada wrote on 2006-06-06 at 1:50 am
Are you still out there big man??? If so drop me a line Bullit_68@???.com or james.robinson@???.com. Hope to hear back from you. Are you saving the world?
Admin Reply:
Jim, I've been trying to email you on some different accounts but the message always bounced back. Will try the two you put in your message (have edited them out so spam robots don't find them). Hopefully speak to you soon mate.
windhi windhi from Indonesia wrote on 2006-05-08 at 1:26 pm are you??stil remember me??are you busy now??how about your travelling??i hope you can enjoy the place that you come in!! i've been sent you an email,do you have read it??when you come back to Indonesia??ok, hopefully you always succeed in your job and your life!!see ya
Alan Alan from UK wrote on 2006-05-05 at 9:35 pm
Ken, Jimbo is trying to get in contact.
R Mack (luv 2 be like KEN ) lol R Mack (luv 2 be like KEN ) lol from New Jersey USA wrote on 2005-06-22 at 10:40 am
came across your journal. I think it was the most enjoyable thing I have read in a long long time. THANKS MATE for sharing with us ! I would of loved to have done the same voyage. It must of given you a lifetime of memories and wisdom. once again..... T H A N K S
Admin Reply:
Thanks for the comments and I do have a lot of memories of the trip. Looking forward to doing something similar again with the girlfriend.
Your Girlfriend Your Girlfriend from Home wrote on 2005-06-10 at 10:02 am
You do really need to update this, it's rapidly heading for a year since you did it last and a lot's happened since then.
Admin Reply:
Smartarse.... why do you think I have so little time these days......
Andy Radlgruber Andy Radlgruber from Calgary, Alberta wrote on 2005-02-08 at 8:32 pm
John, I was also on Ando's tour to Lightning Ridge and Byron Bay in 1993. Ando was running the tours then and we did a lot of the same things; gold panning, the sheep ranch, horseback riding, opal mining, etc. It sounds like his son has kept the best sites like the Glengarry Hilton and all the interaction with the locals as well. We had a great trip and I am glad to see it's still running.
John John from UK wrote on 2005-01-21 at 12:43 am
Hi, just surfing and found your great site.I enjoyed my visit.
Tom Isaacson Tom Isaacson from Auckland, New Zealand wrote on 2005-01-07 at 3:35 am
Aw damn, if I'd known about your trip earlier I could have shown you round Auckland! Been living here for over a year now. Ah well, maybe next time.
Dan Klein Dan Klein from London wrote on 2004-10-15 at 11:30 am
Glad to see you returned back in one piece, minus mobile phone. I have been trying to get in touch with you (a) to have a beer and (b) might have something up your street in a large project that needs running in the vehicle electronics/networking space? Call me if you get a chance on 07712184390 and we can try and meet up.Dan
A McQueen A McQueen from Solihull wrote on 2004-09-13 at 6:45 pm
"Washed my mobile" - Crap excuse to not get back in touch with work now that the holiday is over. What are you afraid of?Good to know you made it through Amsterdam without too many distractions!.I have a man watching the Subaru, so I will know when you are back in Solihull. Give us a call when you know which way is up.
Angela Angela from Beijing,China wrote on 2004-09-04 at 9:29 am
Hi,kenI have browsed some photos,I am really happy to browse your personal web journal.I will contintue to see others next time.
Al Murray Al Murray from Austin, Texas wrote on 2004-09-03 at 8:44 pm
Hi Ken,I've been keeping an eye on your travels as they enter the final phase. Wow, what an excursion :o)Just checking in before I go on a short vacation of my own -- Corpus Christi a short drive (six hours) across Texas to the South.Have fun...Al :o)
Emma Emma from Jasper, Indiana (until the end of the week) wrote on 2004-08-16 at 11:54 pm
Glad to see the phone works in Moscow. Thought I'd drop you a line here rather than deal with the time differences between us at the moment, and to prove I still look at the site. Have fun and talk to you soon.
Admin Reply:
Its been good to hear from you and I never doubted you were addicted to the site 😉