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Fahrenheit 9/11

I managed to see this film in Yangshuo by buying a pirate DVD and getting it played in one of the local cafes. I thought I might have been the only person interested but every English speaking person there was hooked, hanging on every word.

This is an immensely important film. It shows another side to the buildup to the Iraq war that was never properly shown by our “independent” media; they were too busy presenting government statements as facts, never bothering to ask the obvious and important questions.

I would encourage all of you to view this film. It can’t hurt and you can disagree with it if you are so inclined, but to not see it is to put your head in the sand, to cover your ears and shout “not listening”.

Michael, if you read this blog, I promise to buy the genuine DVD when its released in the UK. Keep up the good work.

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