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Perth & Freemantle

Its my last afternoon in Perth as I fly to Hong Kong at 1am tonight. Perth has been a very pleasant place to be and I’m kinda sad to be leaving. To be honest, I’ve done very little whilst here except chill out and a quick visit to Freemantle.

Freemantle has a couple of locations for beer fans: The Little Creatures Brewery and The Sail and Anchor. Little Creatures is a large building containing in half of it a brewery bigger than the IOM’s Bushys and the other half is a pub & restaurant. Surprised that they only appear to brew 3 different beers but good nonetheless. The Sail and Anchor is a more typical brew pub with around 6 of their own beers on at one and all having their own distinct character. I’ve yet to come across a place as good as this anywhere in the UK. As a whole the town seems well set up for a nice meal, a few drinks and watching the world go by.

The Little Creatures Brewery

Perth is a nice compact city that is easy to stroll around but provides regular shuttle buses on a couple of routes. Railway lines split the entertainment & hostel district from the rest of the town centre creating two areas of distinctly different feel. The hostel I stayed in, Spinners Backpackers, has also been one of the friendliest places that I have stayed in on the trip. I’ve enjoyed myself here and its a place I could picture living in easily. Its only problem (and also in some ways good point) is that it is so remote from anywhere else of size.

I’m feeling slightly strange about tonight’s flight as its the first stage in my final leg of the journey taking me home. OK, it is a long route that I’m taking but distance will be covered faster than in most other stages of my trip so far.One of the few things I did manage in Perth was to arrange the trans-siberian portion of the trip and to arrange to do it with my dad. Hong Kong will primarily be for getting all the visas I need.

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