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I’ve was able to watch BBC World last night and what I’ve seen appals me.

We invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction that could harm the UK within 45 minutes of the order being given. This case was given despite the UN weapons team having found no evidence of this capability. Iraq is seen as a clear and present danger to British interests.

We go to war without the backing of the UN Security Council, using as an excuse that the French will veto any call for military action. Its a fabrication but is widely reported as fact at the time.

After the war it immediately clear that Iraq does not posse a weapons system capable of delivering a WMD to any British interest. Over 1 year on and there has not been one chemical, biological or nuclear weapon found in all of Iraq.

Even before the invasion the evidence of Hans Blix’s team cast doubt on the WMD excuse for war. Tony and George shifted to a new excuse; Saddam Hussein led a barbaric regime and we were going in to free the Iraqi people from torture and detention without trial.

Then the US and UK forces are photographed degrading prisoners, the US using one of Saddam’s most notorious prisons. Of the US photos there is no doubt, the US soldiers were stupid enough to show their faces on camera. It doesn’t look like UK troops are much better. Neither should we forget the prisoners held from another war in Guantanamo Bay; still held years later without trial or legal representation.

So no WMDs and we act in ways outside of normal legal process. Why did we go to war again.

Who are the hypocritical characters at the centre of this affair:

George Bush : rigged the results of the US election to beat his rival. Leads a very right wing administration with strong links to most recent financial scandals.

Donald Rumsfeld : America’s liaison with Iraq during the Iran Iraq war supplying US satellite intelligence. This was continued, even stepped up after Saddam used chemical weapons. He seemed to have a different opinion of Saddam back then.

Tony Blair : Leader of Britain’s major left wing party with a very strong relationship with one of America’s nastier right wing administrations. A man addicted to spinning the message and at the helm when a government expert was thrown to the media wolves.

You gotta be proud to be British or American at the moment.

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