Round the World


Arrived in Tallinn at 6:50 this morning after an overnight train from St Petersburg. My first impressions are very good, it is a lovely compact city with an “Old Town” at it centre, feeling very European. Lots of small cobbled streets and squares filled with cafes and bars with seating out front. It made me realise how long its been since I was in a place small enough to be human in scale; Yangshou in southern China probably 10,000km and one month of travelling ago. The icing on the cake is the clear sky and the sunshine.

I am looking forward to an afternoon snooze; border formalities took 2 hours to complete at 2am, though this is much better than the 7 hours of officialdom it took to get into Russia. The exit stamp is also likely to be the last in my passport for this as I’ll probably be within the EEC for the remainder of the journey home. 6 to 8 countries with no permanent evidence in my papers…..

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