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Sammun Sammun from china wrote on 2004-08-11 at 9:36 am
Hello!How are you!Where are you go in Beijing recently?Now,are you arrived Moscow?wish happy trip!
Admin Reply:
Sammun, good to hear from you. Just arrived in Moscow this afternoon. It was a good trip on the Tans-siberian train.
Leslie ) Leslie ) from - upstate NY (we're for Kerry here) wrote on 2004-08-02 at 3:28 am
Have been keeping up with the trip from time to time (and looking at your beautiful photos!!). Oh my goodness it's really almost been a year. Uh Ken, that Brooklyn t-shirt needs to be retired!
Admin Reply:
Ah the old T-shirt should just about make it back to blighty. Not that long to go now...
Nick Ford Nick Ford from Uk wrote on 2004-07-21 at 4:59 pm
OK Ken I understand, I doubt whether the customer will be ready to start until october anyway. In case you were wondering the job is with ATS (the ULTra light trasport system). They are close to getting a contract from Heathrow. The task is to adapt a Fiat EPS steering system for their remote vehicle. Conekt have quoted to do the application engineering and some vehicle specific validation plus a software mod based on torque overlay, but they are very expensive. If you feel this is something you could handle let me know. I have sent this privately for obvious reasons. Enjoy the rest of your travels and let us know when you are back in the UK.Nick
Lynny Lynny from Bonny Britain wrote on 2004-07-20 at 8:00 pm
Eh up Mr Kenny!!!! How are you?? Sounds like you are having a super time and enjoying life- really glad to hear it... not at all envious!;-) Do miss you though so we all look forward to giving you a big welcome back. Let us know if you have any preferences as per shindig option.Hope to chat soon sweetie.Lots of love, Lynny xxxx
Nick Ford Nick Ford from Bristol UK wrote on 2004-07-19 at 3:21 pm
Hi KenJust taken an look at your latest travels - making me feel that it's something to put on my list now I have (potentially anyway) more time on my hands.Raglan and I are still beavering away building up Mindsheet - and awaiting your return!! Which prompts a question - would you be interested in doing some engineering consultancy sometime late September onwards?Take a peek at my "cheesy" stite.Safe returnNick
Cheungy ;) Cheungy ;) from UK, raring to go. wrote on 2004-07-17 at 1:03 am
Wow! I'm going to watch your tracks in HK and China with some anticipation. I've been to Guilin and Yangshuo once before a few years back and they were truly unique places. I'm looking forward to heading over to China again next month (armed with some new lingo skills) and finding my way around Shanghai and Beijing, before hopping over by boat to Korean waters. Have a great time! Cheungster 😉
loz loz wrote on 2004-07-12 at 10:32 pm
Hi KenWoooooooooooooow what a trip u are having. I looks so cool and here we are in the UK with weather thats just rubbish. Like the barking by the way i said to many people that u were he he. Well looks like its going to be Auckland for me and the bird, i am just sending of for my NZ citizenship so i will keep u posted. I hope to be a Kiwi by the time u are back. I am of to your brothers this weekend for a few beers, should be fun. Otherwise not much else . Oh of course the football............... Nooooooooooooooooo please god nooooooo. WHY WHY WHY!!!!. Oh well the Prem starts soon and i see us beating UTD twice this season. C'mon u Saints!!!C u soon. Loz
Mike Evans Mike Evans from Solihull wrote on 2004-07-07 at 9:48 pm
Hi Ken, Glad to see you're still having fun. Really enjoy following your travels - keep up the good work with the blog, it brings back so many travelling memories.TRW misses you, as does SoreJaw Comedy :-)There's a cold beer waiting in the Hogs Head for when you get back...Atb, Mike
Admin Reply:
Glad the Sore Jaw is still going and looking forward to attending on my return. I though many in TRW would be relieved at my extended abscence......
Dave H Dave H from Cambridge, UK wrote on 2004-06-30 at 9:03 pm
Hello my friend :)You're weaving some truly magnificent imagery. I realise it must seem strange to be headed roughly homeward from here, but it'll be good to spend time to hear the tales.Besides, who says you must stop on this lap :)Best wishes,Dave
Admin Reply:
Cheers for the message Dave. Email me and let me know whats happening in your life.
windhi (indonesia) windhi (indonesia) from indonesia wrote on 2004-06-24 at 3:45 am
hi,how are you?where are you now?do you remember me?we met at the train when you went to banyuwangi,how about your vacation?do you enjoy it?ken,when you will come to my country again?if you come here again, don't forget, you have to come around to my house,ok!see ya
Admin Reply:
Good to hear from you. I loved Sumatra and Java, but didn't really like Bali. You can read more on my travel journal. I've no idea when I'll make it back to Indonesia as there are so many places I've not been to yet. When I return I'll let you know.
Duncan Hodgson Duncan Hodgson from Good old Shirley wrote on 2004-06-03 at 12:20 pm
Hi KenJust got round at last to connecting with your travels over the last couple of weeks. I suppose that's because I've got on top of things and now looking to jack it in!What an amazing experience you are having! Makes me very jealous of youth. The partying sounds excellent, the folk on the way a great bunch (in general). The cultural variety is beyond what I've seen during the last 30 years of my travels but it is good to note that the standard of living around the world as you have seen it appears much better than some of the worst I have seen. Enjoy the rest of the trip and as one of the contributors noted, be prepared for a shock when you land back home.As Dave Allen used to say, May your god go with you.Best regardsDuncan
Jim & Cari Jim & Cari from Canada wrote on 2004-05-21 at 4:22 pm
Still wish we there with you. Hope your well. To give you an update with us, we have just purchased a new home and can't wait to have you over. We have lots of room and a great patio to have some ales. We move in July 31. Love the beard!8-)
Admin Reply:
Great news and I look forward to seeing the new place.
Aoife Boland Aoife Boland from Ireland wrote on 2004-05-15 at 3:01 am
Hi Ken, Your trip looks fab. Just happened upon the site. I am home 2 years this month. Did much of the same but instead of the USA did Africa. I was gone 18 mths and had a blast..One word of advice, be prepared for the head wreck which is "life" when your home. Other than that enjoy every minute, even those shitty ones on a overcrowded bus with someone drooling on your shoulder because they will seem like heaven when its all over.Take Care,Aoife (Irish for Eva by the Way)One last thing have a cold beer on a long beach at sunset for all of us travellers who have done it and would love to do it all again but our wings got clipped!!!!
Admin Reply:
Aoife, thanks for the message and I'll look out for that beer on the beach. I'd hate to think your wings were permenantly clipped....
Richard Eames Richard Eames from Liverpool wrote on 2004-05-14 at 3:14 pm
Hi, Ken, good to see you are getting out and about ! Living and working in Liverpool these days, no more salty trails but still invloved as a consultant so I do get my ocasional travel fix ( for free !) Might just catch up with you one of these days. Safe travels, rgds, Rich Eames
Anthony Anthony wrote on 2004-05-12 at 8:23 pm
Hi Ken,The face painting looks good, and should wash off in the roof top pool with solar panel heating that Adam managed to get planning permission for and has now been installed for the last two weeks is brilliant, he is having pool parties every weekend, I hope you don't mind but the drugs squad have raided and turned the place over three times I think it is now, but who's counting. They did however cause a bit of damage when they started to look in the toilet system in the new on-suite (still awaiting the results of Adams court appearence).Anyway keep your pecker up.Ant;-))
Admin Reply:
Looking forward to returning to my new pool. Hope the DS didn't cause too much damage and am sure that Adam will have it sorted by the time I return. Cheers.
Malene Malene wrote on 2004-05-09 at 3:40 pm
Hi Ken,I have moved to Wolfsburg so the Valeo address will no longer be valid. Check out these pix of Scooby's farewell to Paris having fun!Malene
Admin Reply:
Let me know your new email address when you have one. Glad to see the Scooby is in one piece.... how much junk have you got lying around inside it though????
Dr. M. Dr. M. from London - some of the time wrote on 2004-05-05 at 4:24 pm
Hi Ken,Cheers for that! If anyone's interested, we are selling a 4 track EP of full on Pyramids music - available for £6.00 inc p&p from me!
Admin Reply:
I have access to your email address, I just hide it to stop the spam companies finding it. I'll buy a copy of the EP when I get home. Good luck thiss year.
Dean & Tomoko Dean & Tomoko from UK wrote on 2004-04-27 at 10:59 pm
Hi Ken, checked out all your entries and pictures, makes me wish i'd kept a journal from my year in south and north east asia. Makes Interesting reading, spent six months in H.K. if you want to know anything just ask any westerner not in a suit, or myself??? if you dare!! I'll keep reading your notes and coments when i get time, oh... and keep having your great adventure. Deano!!!
Dr. M. Dr. M. from Here there & everywhere wrote on 2004-04-20 at 12:46 pm
Hi Ken,Accidentally finding your Pyramids of SNAFU pic blew me away...fair enough comment but we thought we should have a relaxed attitude at Glasto! If you're at Glasto this year check out the Mandala Stage in the Green Fields again! All the best,Dr. M. (Pyramids of SNAFU)
Admin Reply:
Those that have been to Glastonbury will realise the comment wasn't a negative criticism. Fact is you're about the only band put up pics of on the site because I enjoyed you so much. I would love to track you down this year but I'm still on the road. I'll also be missing a couple of regular Glasto circus acts I met on a beach in Thailand. I should be there in 2005 and hope to catch you then.I have one or two other pics from that session, in better quality than on the site. Put your email addess in another post to the guestbook (it should stay hidden) and I'll email them to you when I get back to the UK (Oct time).
Aek Aek from Malaysia wrote on 2004-04-15 at 6:43 am
Hi KEN I miss you.And now you so happy.I many happy.I want to you contact to me and I like the web of you. See you ..... good luck