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Ginia Ginia from New Jersey, USA wrote on 2003-08-27 at 7:34 pm
Hi Ken,I just found your web site while doing last minute research for a month-long trip to Croatia that begins tomorrow. Very nice web site. I'll be checking your progress as an around-the-world trip is something I have always wanted to do. I wish I was going to be home when you visit NY city. I don't live far from there and would love to say hi in person but, unfortunately, I'll be in Croatia at that time.I hope you have a wonderful year!Ciaio,Ginia
Admin Reply:
Thanks for leaving your message and have a great time in Croatia. I have yet to plan the final section of my trip after Moscow but would like to take in some of the parts of Europe that have changed so dramatically in the last decade or so. Let me know if you have any particular advice from your visit. Peter Moore passed through this area as part of the journey documented in "The Wrong Way Home", and its an enjoyable read. Also a shame you will not be around the NY area when I am there. Always great to have someone local to point out the good stuff outside the normal tourist haunts.
Simon Rigg Simon Rigg wrote on 2003-08-19 at 2:35 pm
Ruddy Nora, What an enviable year you've got ahead of you! I'm going to be in Oz from mid Nov to Mid Dec, in Byron Bay. Don't know how you can get hold of me (have to set up a hotmail..). Well HAVE to hookl-up if your in the area (NSW/Queensland border). Here's hoping...... In the meantime, all the best dude.
Admin Reply:
Good to hear from you mate. I should be in the the Sydney area from the start of Dec. I've yet to plan my Oz adventures except doing Chrimbo & New Year in Sydney. I'll see if I can head north before then to hook up with you.
Mark Szolkowski Mark Szolkowski from Manchester, England wrote on 2003-08-19 at 10:38 am
Hi KenJust seen your entry on "Friends Reunited", which took me here. Have fun on the trip. Are you going to be seeing any of the old MSEng crowd while you're at it? And do you know what happened to Kapak?!
Admin Reply:
Glad you found me....I'm off to Andy's wedding on the 6th Sept and should also catch up with Seth Sowerby and Alan Murray there. I hope to then catch up with Seth, Al and Derek Gladding when I am in San Francisco.I have no idea what has happened to Rob. Anyone else have any ideas???
Dave Harrison Dave Harrison from Cambridge UK wrote on 2003-08-15 at 2:12 pm
Ken,A real shame that we've seen so little of each other since I moved. Good to see you in London though. I'll make sure we catch up again afore ye go.Hope the trip is a proper adventure, but you know once you've travel in your blood, you'll never settle again :)Wishing you the best fun so far...
Paul I Paul I from Bristol wrote on 2003-08-15 at 11:20 am
Wocha Ken, So, your big adventure is not far off now, good luck, I hope you have a wicked time.Life at work just ain't the same without ya, although gotta be said it is the same s**t, every day.Sorry I didn't get to see you off with a bevvie or 10, I was pretty much home by the time I realised I shoulda stayed in Brum.Will keep an eye on your site for updates. Ciao for now. Paul
Jim Jim from Toronto, Canada wrote on 2003-08-08 at 1:52 am
Hi Ken!When do you want to be collected from Toronto airport?
Admin Reply:
Thanks, that would be great. I'll send you the details in an email.
TRW McQueen TRW McQueen from Birmingham UK [WORK] wrote on 2003-07-18 at 10:59 am
Get back to work, you must be bored of doing nothing by now!!!!!!!!!!!We still think of you, but as you can imagine, the envy has now turned into a bitterness [it is a sad condition which afflicts the 9 to 5 [8 till 8 at holford as you know!]wage slave.Keep up the journal, I will be reading.Good trip and see you when you get back.AMQ
Admin Reply:
Cheers for having a nose around the site. With Glastonbury and then having my wisdom teeth out I have been kept quite occupied. I hope all is well back at Holford.
Derek Gladding Derek Gladding from San Francisco wrote on 2003-07-05 at 4:40 pm
Any idea when you're going to be in San Francisco yet ? Just want to know when to put the kettle on.
Admin Reply:
From the 7th to 21st of Oct. The rough outline of my trip is on The PlanLook forward to seeing you then.
Martha Martha from Alaska, USA wrote on 2003-06-25 at 3:06 pm
I was blundering around the internet looking for guestbook scripts and decided to look at yours. Not too bad. Good luck on your trip...and btw..Alaska is a great place to visit too. 😉
Admin Reply:
Have intended to visit Alaska for some time but unfortunately won't be able to on this trip.
Steve Williams Steve Williams from London village. wrote on 2003-06-15 at 1:02 pm
Hi Ken,If you had put your mobile number on your website, I could call you to let you know I dropped my phone, so I couldn't call you to arrange to meet up today. Heading off to the Church now, hopefully I'll see you there ...Oh yeah - Enjoy your circum-navigation of the world's ale houses. I look forward to the edited highlights !- Steve.
Admin Reply:
Sorry I didn't catch up with you. Andy P did track me down to the Backpackers afterwards. Didn't realise about your phone and was trying to get hold of you on it. See you next time I am in the Village.
Niall Niall from Saturn wrote on 2003-06-12 at 11:38 am
Give me a ring when you're in london and i will catch up with you. Say hello to eastern europe, the US and south america
Admin Reply:
Good to see you on the Sat night but a shame you didn't make the Church and Backpackers. Catch you next time I am in London.
Joan O'C Joan O'C from Worcestershire wrote on 2003-06-10 at 7:52 pm
Ken - have a cool summer & see if we can meet for a drink before you set off on the big one!
Andy P. Andy P. wrote on 2003-06-10 at 11:33 am
Hey Ken,Wow - looks like you have quite a year coming up. Hope to see you soon so we can catch up over a few bevvies.
Admin Reply:
Definitely looking to catch up with you before I head off. I reckon you have a pretty big year coming up yourself.
Mark J. Mark J. from Brum land - U.K. wrote on 2003-06-10 at 12:17 am
Have a Good 1 Big Maan.I'll definitely be looking in on the site to catch up on your progress and using this 2 fuel the dream of my own 'sabattical' next yr - 3 weeks in Western States on MCycle (what else - it's a disease without a cure I guess)-result of reading Zen & the Art.... again recently.Have passed the weblink to Tessa (back with us 4 the summer vac.) - hope U don't mind - might give them some insight into longer distance travel - they only managed as far as southern Spain in 3weeks last year - stuff got knicked (bummer)
Admin Reply:
No worries about passing the link on. I hope everyone does it if they know someone who might be interested. You might like a book called "Good Vibrations"....
Malene Malene from Paris, France wrote on 2003-06-09 at 7:42 pm
Hi KenI am amazed at your evident wordsmithing and copywriting skills. When you come back you may consider a career in PR working for me!I am in Paris for at least a while yet so please do come visit. You have my details. I may even be able to arrange an Evo 7 to be here! so give advance noise.Malene
Admin Reply:
I plan to get out and visit you before I head off. Stay in touch.
Catherine Catherine from Manchester (sort of) wrote on 2003-06-09 at 4:38 pm
HelloCool Website! Looking forward to hearing about all your travels, may manage to see you at Glastonbury as I've got a ticket. When are you heading down there?Catherine
Admin Reply:
It was great to see you and Susie at Glastonbury. Please pass on my web address and congratulations again on getting engaged.
Al Al from Austin TX wrote on 2003-06-09 at 4:22 pm
Look forward to catching up with you in San Francisco. Will probably come and join you if you are in New Orleans for a day or two... Could be a laugh! Let me know nearer the time.
Admin Reply:
Think I will only be in New Orleans for one night so may be tricky to catch you there. See you in San Francisco....
Sore Jaw Mike Sore Jaw Mike from An underground bar in Solihull wrote on 2003-06-09 at 3:29 pm
We'll miss you at the comedy club - all the best in your travels. Keep us up-to-date on the quality of beer around the world!
Admin Reply:
But I intend to be there for the next couple before I leave.... I'll win the competition one night.....
Lee Beale Lee Beale from The arse- end of Birmingham wrote on 2003-06-09 at 1:13 pm
I'd offer to meet up with you, but the chances are the country would be closed for refurbishment when you got there !!!!!!!!!(Have you checked the opening times of Solihull for the 19th???)
Kev T Kev T from Cymau wrote on 2003-06-09 at 12:44 pm
Yo Ken, what about visiting the near-unexplored hills of Wales as part of your world trip?Hopefully I'll see you before your off. I keep an eye on your progress.Kev