Round the World

South Island New Zealand

Arrived yesterday in Christchurch and settled down in the Holy Grail sports bar to watch England win the Rugby World Cup in the last minute of extra time. Great atmosphere and it was interesting to note that whilst the England supporters were visible with team shirts and painted faces, you could only tell who most of the Aussie supporters were when the cheered. I’ll spend a day or two here sorting myself out and booking a bus tour around the island.

One annoyance of NZ’s cities is idiots who have bought fast Japanese cars, fitted them with loud exhausts & stereos and then parade around the streets. You never see any of these prats on NZ’s great driving roads, just around city streets showing off. I can’t understand how you can have a great drivers car and never take it for a run on a decent road but decide instead to cruise around cities at a time when any sensible person is in the pub.

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