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The Full Moon Party

Sunday the 4th of April saw the Full Moon party on Haat Rin Beach when between 5,000 and 12,000 people turn up to party through the night. All along the beach are bars with their own music selection giving a variety of musical styles. Arriving at midnight I spent much of the time wandering, trying different DJs and see what was happening, returning to the Cactus Bar to catch up with the others I’d come to the party with. I was sat on the beach with a fresh Gin & Tonic as the sun came up over the sea after a great nights partying. Unfortunately all the music stopped within the next half hour and it was some time until the after parties were to start so we caught a boat back to our beach to get some sleep. Rumour has it that the party ended early as 1 to 3 Thais had been shot by other Thais during the night. Brings back memories of Manchester in the early 90’s when several dance clubs including the Hacienda attracted gang violence leading to the closure of most….. I hope this is not the start of the end for Haat Rin’s Full Moon parties.

I don’t have any photos of the event itself as I was convinced I would either soak my camera or loose it, prophetic when one of my friends lost his and another girl soaked hers in a fabulous display of drunken acrobatics getting off the boat at Haat Yaun and landing head first in the sea. I do have some photos as we got ready to go out and were covering each other with fluorescent paints.

All in all it was a great night, not quite a Glastonbury, on the hand you are unlikely to have to fend off propositions by transvestite prostitutes at Glastonbury.

The next few days were spent chilling out and recovering some sleep and Haat Yuan is perfect for this. Today I have to leave and go to Malaysia and found leaving Haat Yuan about the hardest place to say goodbye to so far. I could easily have stayed here until my money ran out and at 300 baht ( 4.30 GBP) a night for my own bungalow with bathroom that would have taken a while. Not only was the location good but so was the company; thanks to Leia, Carmen, Mick, Ashley, Cassie, Lol, Alasdair and all the others…….

I have to thank Paul from Manchester, who I met in Bangkok in January, for recommending the beach, the bungalows and the bar; cheers mate. This is one place I am determined to return to…..

Ahead of me I have quite a journey, catching a taxi to the pier at 4pm for a 5pm boat to the mainland. Landing at 9:30pm and getting a bus to the station for a 1:30 am sleeper to Butterworth, Malaysia arriving just after midday tomorrow, then catching a ferry to Georgetown. Think I’ll stump up the cash for a nice hotel when I get there…..

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