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The Cameroon Highlands + the Eastern & Oriental Hotel

I stayed a very friendly guesthouse in Taneh Rata called Father’s Guesthouse, though its a touch pricey for what you get. I hiked down one of the nearby trails past the pipes, dams and collectors for a small hydro electric station. At the bottom of the hill I then hiked up to the Boh tea plantation to unfortunately find that the visitors centre is closed on Mondays. The Cameroon Highlands is a lovely place to be and much cooler than KL.

The Boh tea plantation, The Cameroon Highlands, Malaysia

After 3 nights I headed back to Georgetown for a couple of nights, splashing out on a suite in the Eastern & Oriental Hotel. Best place I have ever stayed in. The suite was over 50 feet long by around 15 wide, had a bathroom with a huge bath, separate rainfall shower, toilet in its own cubicle, a dressing room (a first for me), sleeping area with two double beds and a living area with a bay window, couch, writing desk and 2nd large TV. Unreal as the cost was around 50 pounds a night; anywhere else I know of of this quality would have been hundreds. If you’re ever in Georgetown treat yourself to a night here.

I hiked up Penang Hill. On reaching the top I found there wasn’t a view because of the trees & I’d not taken any photos on the way up. I took a different trail down involving climbing down ladders formed by tree roots and using knotted ropes to lower myself down steeper slopes. About half way down I met the road that curls up the hill and heading down it. I have never got as sweaty as that before in my life and can’t imagine what I must have looked like as a re-entered the E&O.

Off to Medan, Indonesia tomorrow. Sorry for this update being short but I have limited time on this terminal; I’ll add more later.

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